Bushwhacker Luke Williams

Luke Williams is a professional wrestler from New Zealand most popularly known for his runs from 1974 to 1988 as one-half of The Sheepherders in the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) and from 1988 to the present as one-half of The Bushwhackers in the World Wrestling Federation, or WWE. As a member of The Sheepherders, Williams brawled a path of carnage and destruction throughout North America and beyond, capturing numerous tag team championships and laying the groundwork for what today is known as hardcore wrestling. As a member of The Bushwhackers, Williams brought a whole new persona to the ring, appearing as a fan-friendly, fun-loving Kiwi, who marched his way to the ring, arms swinging, to the delight of millions of wrestling fans around the world, eventually gaining entry into both the WWE (2015) and Professional Wrestling (2020) Halls of Fame, and making television appearances on such television series as Family Matters