Costumers With a Cause

Costumers With a Cause (CWC), was started in 2008 when our founder, Scott Whipple, voluntarily dressed up as Wolverine for an MS walk in Chicago Illinois. This was a pleasant surprise for many of the participants as it wasn’t expected, but in its own way provided encouragement and inspiration to many of those involved. From there, Scott began seeking others who felt the way he did and would join him in providing this volunteer service for other events in the Chicago area. Now, 13 years later, CWC has grown to five branches across the United States including Central Oregon, Midwest (Chicago), Eastern Tennessee, Central Florida, and Northeast Florida. Our mission is to work with children’s organizations, hospitals, and charity events that promote community growth, unity, and hope for every child’s future. Together we believe that a world of difference can be made with a smile, fist bump, smile or a simple hello. It is our goal to utilize our talents to the best of our abilities in order to make a child’s day brighter.