Debora Breard

I have been crafting my whole life but once I retired in 2019 I wanted to start creating again.

I started doing paper crafts making hardcover notebooks and greeting cards but continued to look for a product that would catch the customers eyes.

A few years ago I tried my hand at layered 3D pictures made with cardstock paper. They were very popular and I started to look for more ways to make them attractive and to bring a large selection of characters into play. I started getting small png pictures and transferring them into svg and created my own layered designs. I then added attractive matching backgrounds to make the pictures pop.

I have been doing the 3D layered pictures ever since and have been expanding to larger events and creating pictures for whatever type of venue I did. In 2022 I did my first horror convention and to my surprise I won the Vendor Award for Best Artist.

My following on Facebook has grown and I continue to fine tune my craft to bring bigger and better pictures to the customers.

My next step for the future is to start an online store for ordering to be able to ship to the customer.