Dominic Pirozzi

Seeking refuge from the icy grips of the frigid northern winters in Upstate NY, Dominic and his family have claimed the Sunshine State as their home since 2013. At a very early age, Dominic discovered he had a natural artistic ability and loved to draw whatever his imagination could conjure. He would fill any blank space with doodles and on occasion would need to be reminded that not every class was art class. In the early ’90s, Dominic’s mother worked at the local pharmacy where he found his first spin rack chock full of amazing characters and fantastic stories. Comic books opened a whole new chapter of creativity in his life and he knew then and there that he had found his calling. Dominic continued to collect comics and churn out pictures of heroes and villains alike, inspired by the latest chapters of the Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, X-Force , Wolverine, and a number of other books that his mother made sure to bring home on a regular basis.           Dominic always planned on pursuing art as a career, but life had other ideas as it often does. Going to art school required tuition that was out of reach and he was encouraged to follow a more “practical” educational path. Years passed and it wasn’t until Dominic had a family of his own that comic books and art made a resurgence in his life. In 2017, he found a new community in his LCS, 9.9 Comics of Melbourne and started collecting again. He loved watching cartoons with his daughter and started drawing pictures of the characters for her to color. One day he came home with a stack of new comics and was compelled to draw a character from one of the covers. Dominic was so happy with the result that he brought it to show off at 9.9 and to his surprise, everyone was just as ecstatic. The shop owner handed him a blank sketch variant and the rest, as they say, is history. To date, Dominic has a number of independent comic covers under his belt including: Freakshow Princess, Capable, Voodoo Nations, Freakshow Knight, Bocas, SCCX and more to come. If he isn’t working on an upcoming cover, he can be found immersed in commissions or drawing on Post-Its at his 9 to 5, still daydreaming of those amazing characters and fantastic adventures.

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