Heidi Hess

Heidi Hess is an author and short story writer. Her debut collection, The Short End of Madness, was released in June 2022 on Amazon. Several of her short stories have been published by Neon Sunrise Publishing including Chasing Elpis in the hope-themed anthology A Light That Never Goes OutLonging from the LOVE//LOST anthology, and Higher Signal in the Lost Transmission//Dead Signals anthology. As well as Spin the Bottle in D & T Publishing’s It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Dies -an anthology that was #1 on Amazon. In addition to her fiction addiction, she edited Author: The Legend Continues Volume Two for Cosmic Times Publishing and is a columnist for AroundWellington.com. Currently, she is on her third cup of coffee and working on a new thriller series while organizing the second annual Read It Write It Book and Writing Festival happening on February 25, 2023, in Wellington. She resides in Florida with her family. 

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