Jeff Whiting

My lifelong love affair with comics began in 1978 with Amazing Spider-Man #176. The thrill of those dynamic panels and vibrant stories left me ravenous for more. I honed my skills by emulating masters like Perez, Byrne, and Starlin, setting my sights on a career in comics.

My break came with background work for John Beatty, followed by inking Ben Edlund’s iconic Tick. I immersed myself in the worlds of Street Fighter, the Ultraverse (Prime, UltraForce, you name it!), Wetworks, and even dabbled in World of Warcraft.

Yet, a hunger for greater creative control burned within me. Thus, in 1997, I birthed Durendal Comics and unleashed my passion project, Shanghai. This gritty adventure was entirely my own – writing, art, lettering, colors – a true labor of love. Brick House Digital emerged as I took a bold leap into digital art, making Shanghai one of the first fully-rendered comics. Legendary artists like Schuler, Hoover, Perez, and Royle even graced my covers!

After a sabbatical, Extraterrestrial marked my return. The next chapter awaits – stay tuned!