Jennifer Lueders

I am an Appalachian American artist and storyteller and from where the world famous Hatfield and McCoy Feud was fought.  My art has been described as warm, inspirational, whimsical and sparking the imagination of the child within.  My childhood, in the mountains of West Virginia and Kentucky, is steeped in the cultural tradition of storytelling.  This tradition can be traced back to England, Ireland, & Scotland.   I received a higher education at universities, pursued the arts and taught for many years pressing through a lot of challenging moments.  Now, I continue to express myself through painting, drawing, writing and telling stories.   My husband and I enjoy traveling and exploring and have moved a number of times – as active duty military families do – seeing wonderful places.  At one time we lived in Germany, near the homestead of the brothers Grimm.  Now we reside in beautiful, sunny Florida.   Nestled in a cozy, tropical community, my studio borders a lush wooded area, near the historic Daytona Beach.  Here in my quiet neighborhood, I surround myself with items from my culturally rich and unique sub-culture, of the  Tug Valley Region.  I am also inspired daily by a constant stream of coastal and woodland wildlife that often graze just outside my studio window.  These visitors often remind me of the mountains and the wildlife present there. Besides selling art at conventions, fairs, festivals and online, I am developing her first comic.  –  Jennifer Lueders, BA, MFA (check out my fan art portfolio)
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