KOOLasHECK is a Sequential Artist who uses the nick name he has had since he was a child (it is a play on his legal last name). He is currently working with Blood Moon Comics illustrating their release THE 9 CIRCLES and the upcoming GAIJIN IN TOKYO.  KOOL has also released the independent comics EVENFALL,  THE BRISINGAMEN and ALPHA X.

KOOL is also a featured Artist with Upper Deck Cards, in conjunction with Marvel productions, creating sketch card art for a numerous sets  including the Marvel 80th Anniversary Set, Avengers: Infinity Wars and Avenges Endgame. He was one of only a handful of artist selected world-wide to participate in this project. 

KOOL is a well-known fixture on the ComicCon Circuit throughout the country for his convention appearances and his very popular “creating your own comic panels” throughout the country.