Martin Pierro

Martin T. Pierro began his entertainment career at the age of 12 by publishing a comic fanzine titled “Metropolis Times” (later renamed “Cosmic Times”). In 2008 he relaunched Cosmic Times as an underground-publisher of black & white comics. Over the years Martin has guided Cosmic Times into becoming an internationally distributed publisher of diverse titles such as Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew, Deep Space Tragedy, and the smash hit Void of Heroes (based on the video game). Martin is also the author of Arthur: The Legend Continues the flagship series for the company – now in its second volume. Along with the Cosmic Times creative director – Zach Bassett, Martin has co-authored Decisions: The Faces of the Stranger, the new all-ages mini-series The Good, The Bad, and the Prehistoric, as well as the recently released action/drama/horror series From Blood. Beyond his work with Cosmic Times, Martin has worked with other publishers including TidalWave where he wrote the immensely successful Bill Gates biography. He is also heavily involved with the comic book community on a local and national level, advocating for the medium to be accepted beyond the traditional markets. 

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