Marvin D. McDonald

Born and raised in the sunshine state (Florida) with a passion for art and creativity. From a very early age drawing for me was like breathing, it was second nature. That combined with a childhood love for comic books, it was a match made in heaven. 

Growing up, my favorite characters were Spiderman, Luke Cage, Batman, and The X-Men. However, I also bought comics for the art and stories illustrated within the pages. This inspired me to want to create my own characters and style, thus the beginning of The Swurverse.

As I grew, my love for art and the print medium grew as well. I continued to improve and learn new skills and techniques; incorporating Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Hence, bringing my works to life, adding color, depth, and even more dimension.

It was not until my college years that I began to embrace my literary style and creative writing skills. The final piece to my adroit magnum opus. Now, I create my own comics of short stories and anthologies of urban sci-fi. Thus, bringing The Swurverse to total fruition.

People ask what motivates me as a creator and artist?  It’s the challenge.

The challenge to constantly create new and intriguing artistic content that will visually stimulate and literally fascinate the mind.

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