Richard Rivera

Richard, a Florida native, currently lives in the Orlando area. Comic books have been his lifelong passion and in 2014, starting with scripts he had worked on for decades, Richard began creating independent comics. He self-published Stabbity Bunny, with artwork by Dwayne Biddix, in 2015. This series was soon followed by Wild Bull and Chipper, Storm Pirates, Shadow Play, and Create-A-Comic. Scout Comics added Stabbity Bunny to their lineup publishing the first issue in 2018. Scout has subsequently signed the rest of the series created by Richard Rivera. He has also created a spin-off series entitled Stabbity Ever After. Richard became the head of the Scout Comics all-ages imprint, Scoot! in 2020. The imprint specializes in kid-friendly publications and merchandise. He has also been involved in the production of numerous other Scout titles and mentoring new indie creators.

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