Ron Baxley Jr

2022 Palmetto Scribe finalist fantasy and science fiction author Ron Baxley, Jr. has been writing stories and poems almost his entire life. Also, he, currently a journalist for two different newspapers and a travel specialist, has been publishing his creative work for 31 years. Known for being zany/satirical as well as allegorical, his work has been compared to the satire of Terry Pratchett coupled with the good versus evil facets of traditional fantasy and fairy tales. Having been an educator for 15 years, Ron has also been adept at writing for all ages. For over a decade, his work has been recognized and awarded by Oz festivals and organizations in multiple states, and he was a special guest author at the Grand Opening of the Wizard of Oz Museum in Cape Canaveral, Florida this year. For many years, he has been attending as a guest or special guest at festivals and cons throughout the country, including three different cons in Florida. At present, Ron has a five-star reviewed Oz picture-book, “Goldey Goosey of Oz”, (for ages 4-9 or Oz fans of all ages) published by YBR Publishing. In addition, through that same publisher, he has two satirical Southern fantasy books for older young adults and adults based on Oz lore in his O.Z. Diggs VII series – the second of which earned him the aforementioned award. Finally, in 2013 he adopted a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Ziggy, who has been very supportive and inspired an international award winning fantasy Corgi graphic novel for ages 10 to the young at heart of all ages, “Ziggy Zig-zags the Light and Dark Fantastic”, Vol. 1 (also available from YBR Publishing). The second volume in his fantasy Corgi graphic novel series will be entitled, “Ziggy Zig-zags the Light: The Ice Queen Hateth” and is tentatively slated to be released in late 2023 from YBR Publishing. For more information on Ron, follow him @baxleyjr.ron on Instagram, look up Ron Baxley, Jr. on Facebook, find editorial reviews and synopses of his YBR Publishing titles at or do a web-search for WIX and Ron Baxley, Jr. for his webpage.