Thomas Florimonte

Thomas Florimonte broke into the comic biz way back in the early 90s. In that 25+ years, he’s racked up a long list of comic creator credits and has worked for just about every major publisher out there: Marvel, Malibu, Chaos!, Acclaim, Gallant Comics (to name a few)… His latest projects include new issues of Mystery Girlz,  Zomboy: Kid Hero (INFERNO Studios) & Miniature Man series (Gallant Comics / Inks).

Thomas is also co-owner with his long-time friend Barry Gregory, of the very popular comic printing company: Ka-Blam Digital Printing- The one-stop print house for all comic creators. And also IndyPlanet- A online print-on-demand comics shop that works directly with Ka-Blam. Although never developing a southern accent, Thomas claims he grew up in south Mississippi, he now lives in the central Florida area with his wife Rene’.