Tim Tyler

Having left the Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in 1986, Tim Tyler has continuously produced Independent comics and Magazines for the past 36 years. He has worked on and or created some of Independent comics most influential characters and Titles such as Faust(inker) Razor ( Inker and early Publisher) Dreadstar, Blood Reign, Devil Jack and many more.
He has worked for many of Independent companies through the years including First Comics, London Night Studios, Rebel Studios, Northstar, Comico, Action Bunny, Avatar and a list of others. His current company, Rat House Comics continues to entertain fans with unique comics and magazines including the Supernatural Team book, “Dead Crew.” Which brings together many of Tim’s characters into one series. The vintage Monster Magazine “Fiends” and the Illustrated Grindhouse Cinema Magazine, “Bolt Action”. His newest Magazine, Grail, is up to issue 2 with issue 3 now in production. Some Creators that have been featured in Rat house publications are Tim Vigil, Frank Brunner, Timothy Truman, Skaar and Brian LaBlanc and Paul Gulacy among others.
He has also done work for SRS Cinema, producing Box art for their line of underground and independent film collections. He has done Album Art for bands such as Morpheus Decends and Datura and others.
His work has been featured in popular magazines such as Fangoria and Playboy.